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Jeremy Scott, Headteacher

Welcome to our school

At The John Warner School we are proud to belong to a school that has provided a first-rate education to young people in Hoddesdon since John Warner built a school for children of all classes and religious beliefs in 1841.

Our school today is founded on the basis of excellent teaching and the encouragement of hard work. We are passionate about creating the best learning opportunities for our students, the best professional development for our staff and the best engagement with our community.

Over the coming years we will build on our past successes to create a school where:

  • Students make exceptional progress;
  • Students access an exciting, challenging and relevant curriculum;
  • Students are supported by a caring, committed and capable pastoral system;
  • The well-being of all members of the school community is given priority;
  • We have truly great teaching, learning and assessment;
  • Staff enhance their practice through a personalised, relevant and ongoing training programme;
  • We enjoy an engaging, vibrant and pleasant learning environment;
  • We make meaningful connections with our local community.

I hope this website gives you a sense of the school’s ethos and values but would encourage you to visit us to get a sense of the vibrancy and engagement we experience every day.

We are very proud of the significant difference we make to the lives of the young people who study here and take delight in seeing them develop into confident young adults who are well-equipped to face their futures with excitement and determination.

Jeremy Scott, Headteacher



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