Diversity and Equity


The John Warner School – Racial Equity Project

Aims and Objectives of the Racial Equity Project

  • To improve diversity and representation across the school curriculum
  • To decolonise the curriculum, not so much what is taught but, how it is taught.
  • To ensure an institutional commitment in addressing and eliminating racial and systemic inequities.
  • To support staff in addressing racial inequities
  • To create a deeper understanding of the social environmental and structural determinants of racial and ethnic inequities.



  • The Racial Equity Project will ignite and enable the school community, parents and local community to broaden their education of systemic racism and challenge perspectives, thereby facilitating a holistic approach to the promotion and breakdown of structural inequities by developing positive relationships and behaviours and by planning an ambitious, relevant and rich curriculum.


  • The Racial Equity Project will provide the school community with opportunities to discover and develop potential by building knowledge and skills through effective approaches to teaching, learning and assessment. Empowering all to have a shared vision and collaborative approach, thereby empowering individuals to seek out solutions to drive change from within.


  • The Racial Equity Project will create an environment of positive change where members of the community are able to thrive and flourish in an ever-changing world through a harmonious working environment, loyalty and overall enhancement of the wellbeing of members of the school and local community.