Curriculum Overview

Curriculum intent

At The John Warner School all colleagues have worked carefully and collaboratively to construct an inclusive curriculum that offers both breadth and depth.  We believe that the key to our vision is ensuring that every student is provided with a rich, balanced and ambitious curriculum that has a powerful knowledge at its heart.  We firmly believe that our students have a right to gain this knowledge, through support, development and challenge for all, and to use it to make a positive contribution to society.  Through our curriculum, our intention is, therefore, that our students become successful, resilient, adaptable learners and leaders, ready to make a positive difference within an increasingly complex, modern world.

The 'what' and 'when' of our curriculum is set out in our subject areas. These subject areas also address the 'why' question at subject level.

'Where' is predominantly on site at The John Warner School, however curriculum delivery can take many forms - in classrooms, in assemblies, through remote provision, in practical spaces, and offsite through trips, competitions and sporting fixtures, and a myriad combination of these. 

Curriculum implementation

The implementation of our academic curriculum is a priority area and will continue to be reviewed across the academic year 2023 to 2024. By April 2024, we expect all colleagues:

(1) to show a deep understanding of the key concepts that are taught within their curriculum

(2) to be able to articulate why the concepts chosen have been sequenced in the way(s) that they have been

(3) to be able to explain what the relationship between ‘broad’ and ‘narrow’ is (ie. how does each sequence of lessons relate to the key concepts taught) 

(4) to be able to explore how students are encouraged to see the interrelationship between the 'broad' and the 'narrow' of their learning

(5) to explain how the curriculum promotes opportunities for personalisation, including for SEN, the More Able and Pupil Premium students