Dress Code

The Sixth Form dress code is extremely important at The John Warner School. Sixth Formers are role models for our younger students and it is important that they lead by example in all areas.  We have found that students who are dressed smartly are focused and have a sense of identity and pride about being a member of the Sixth Form.

Sixth Form Dress Code

Jacket or blazer

Smart style and colour. 

All sixth form students are required to wear a blazer or jacket at all times.

The blazer or jacket should be of a smart style and a plain colour.

Skirt or dress

Smart style and colour


Smart style and colour

Shirt with tie

Closed collar shirt tucked into trousers or skirt with tie

Shirt without tie

Open collar shirt tucked into trousers or skirt


Strong, smart and plain shoes with sensible heels


Black, navy or grey ankle socks


Dark opaque tights


Smart cardigan or v-necked jumper


Conventional design and dark in colour

ID Badges

All sixth form students must also wear their identification badge at all times.