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The John Warner School has reviewed its attendance procedures and updated its Attendance Policy which will take effect from 1st September 2019.

  • Parent/Carer(s) are responsible for notifying the school on a daily basis of their child's absence. This can be done via email or by telephone 01992 462889 (Option 1).
  • If you wish to take your child out of school at any time then you should complete the Absence Request Form and provide evidence as to why you are requesting the time off. 
  • If you have received notification that your child is on our unauthorised absence list then you must provide us with documentation for all absences until we notify you otherwise.
  • If attendance becomes a concern, you may receive one of the following:
    • Attendance concern letter (AC1) - this will outline our initial concerns regarding your child's attendance
    • Attendance contract (AC1C) - this contract will be made with the student and form tutor and a copy will be emailed home to the parent/carer(s).
    • Attendance concern letter (AC2) - this letter will invite you to a meeting and your child will be added to our unauthorised absence list
    • Breach letter (AC3) - this will be a final warning that we may now ask the Local Authority to issue you with a penalty notice
    • Home Visit - you may receive a home visit from our Family Support Worker at any time
    • Contracts - we may ask you or your child to enter into a contract with us to try and help improve their attendance
    • Referred to the Local Authority Attendance Team - if we have been unable to resolve concerns in relation to your child's attendance, we will refer your case on to the Local Authority Attendance Officers at Hertfordshire County Council who have a responsibility for ensuring that parents fulfil their legal duty to ensure their child attends school regularly. If they move forward with legal proceedings, then parents will receive a summons to appear at the Magistrates' Court. If convicted they can be fined up to £2,500 each and/or sent to prison for 3 months, you will also have a criminal record. They may also apply for an Education Supervision Order. 

Penalties will only be issued as a last resort and only where all other attempts to improve attendance have failed. The one exception to this rule will be for those that take family holidays during term time without permission. 

Who deals with attendance?

Who deals with attendance?

Jayne Burrows

Jayne works in Student Services and deals with the daily attendance and registers. Jayne will take the answerphone messages and emails and transfer the information onto your child's school register. Jayne will also contact home if a child has not reported for morning or afternoon registration and we have not been given a reason. 

Susan Rumbol

Sue is the school's Family Support Worker and will be responsible for students whose attendance falls below a certain level. You may be asked to attend a meeting with Sue or she may visit you at home. You may be asked to enter into a contract to try and improve your child's school attendance. Sue works Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Head of Year/Head of School and/or Form Tutor

Your child's Head of Year, Head of School and/or Form Tutor may contact you at any time in relation to attendance. 

Ms Thomas, Ms Price & Ms Pope (Assistant Headteachers)

Have overall responsibility for school attendance and regularly hold staff meetings.