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Welcome to the

The John Warner School

Our school seeks to ignite a lifelong passion for learning with a curriculum that is ambitious, varied and relevant. Through meaningful experiences both in and outside the classroom we discover and develop the potential of all our pupils...
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@johnwarnersch - May 16
Herts Police visited us today as part of a national knife crime initiative “Operation Sceptre” & were here warning students of the dangers of knife crime. They handed out literature, Lives not Knives items, personal safety alarms & engaged in conversation with our sch community. https://t.co/nq1GDiflso
@johnwarnersch - May 13
Hot Chocolate with the Head The biggest so far for all our wonderful students involved in the JWS robotics team who have enjoyed success at the national and world championships (in Texas) this year. https://t.co/f1yd6sYQ4b
@johnwarnersch - May 13
Students raise the roof! Two nights of absolute magic as two packed audiences witnessed the talents of our outstanding students taking on the 80's classic, Footloose. The atmosphere was electric & it was wonderful to be able to see them back on stage acting, singing & dancing. https://t.co/g7Eb89PZq3
@johnwarnersch - May 10
@johnwarnersch - May 9
Huge Congratulations to Marlee Seymour (Yr7) and team RIO who won the u12s Senior League Cup on Saturday and are also division 1 winners! https://t.co/UVyrDGr9CA
@johnwarnersch - May 4
@johnwarnersch - April 22
Year 12 artists portraiture unit exploring paint https://t.co/1o3xKj8WvX
@johnwarnersch - April 1
@johnwarnersch - April 1
Year 7 Hundred Years War Creative Homework Projects https://t.co/otFP99uHtl
@johnwarnersch - March 29
Year 12 psychology students dissecting and labelling lamb's brains yesterday. https://t.co/Bh2JnPcxQp
@johnwarnersch - March 28
Congratulations to the following students: - 1st Caitlyn 8T1; 2nd Ava 8S2; 3rd Paige 8H2; 4th Mia 8A1 who have been judged by Jill Bertolone, Joint Head of Houses as house winners for the Inter-House Paul Klee and Landscape Creativity Competition. https://t.co/YRfYn8Y4JN
@johnwarnersch - March 28
On 5th March, the UK’s best school’s robotics teams met at Haberdashers School, for a colossal match up in this year’s VEX Robotics competition. A massive congratulations to these students who were announced as the Excellence award winners! https://t.co/AuEXrJ6ZnQ
@johnwarnersch - March 28
Year 8 students were chosen to take part in a Virtual STEM Day on Friday 25th March. During the day the students were tasked with designing & making the "slowest" marble run and creating designs for a "new & inventive product". https://t.co/y2Q9Ntxa4i
@johnwarnersch - March 25
Our Year 10 Maths Challenge was a huge success yesterday. Mr Scott handed out certificates and medals to the winning groups who took part in the brilliantly organised Year 10 Maths Challenge yesterday. https://t.co/CTwSZX3RHh
@johnwarnersch - March 18
Year 7 geography student discussed their brilliant models of the earth's structure over a hot chocolate and biscuit this morning with Mr Scott https://t.co/caxNeg9FqR
@johnwarnersch - March 18
Rebecca (Year 9 Food and Nutrition) - cookies and cream - could you eat two?! https://t.co/mQuhBeaQNB
@johnwarnersch - March 18
Congratulations to Emily (art), Lacie (art), Lucy (art), Rebecca (dance) and Keira (drama) - our new Creative Arts Ambassadors. https://t.co/I6bA0jHWfl
@johnwarnersch - March 16
The Great Big Dance Off 💃 🏆 Congratulations to our group of Year 12 & 13 dancers who took part in The Great Big Dance Off. The girls were the regional winners with the highest score of the night and have been invited to the final in the summer. A huge congratulations to them! https://t.co/n9HBW0UTXT
@johnwarnersch - March 15
@johnwarnersch - March 15