The School Day

New school day for September 2022





Students expected on school site


Line Up


Form time/assembly


Movement time


Period 1


Period 2




Movement time


Period 3

12:30-13:30 Period 4
13:30-14:05 Lunch
14:05-14:10 Movement time
14:10-15:10 Period 5
15:10 Enrichment

The school timings amount to 6.5 hours per day or 32.5 hours per week.

Start of day

The school is open to students from 08:00. Students are expected to be on-site by 08:30 to ensure they have enough time to get to their year group line up.

Line up

Students in Years 7-11 line up in their designated outdoor spaces at 08:35. Form tutors, heads of year and other senior staff will attend line up to check uniform and equipment and to escort students into form or assembly.

Form time/assembly

From 08:40-09:10 all students will either be in form time engaging in an aspect of lifelong learning or attending an assembly (generally in the school hall).

Movement time

At 09:05 a bell will sound for the end of form time/assembly. The five minutes between the end of form and the beginning of Period 1 are to allow teaching staff to move across the school site, from form rooms to teaching rooms, to ensure they can meet and greet their first class. Students are expected to either be moving during this time or lining up outside their classroom for the start of the lesson at 09:10.

Movement time has also been built into the school day at the end of break (11:25-11:30) and the end of lunch (14:05-14:10) to ensure everyone is in the correct location for Period 3 and 5. Again, students are expected to be moving to their next class or lining up outside the classroom.

Enrichment/End of day

While the school day officially ends at 15:10, this also signals the start of enrichment activities which take place on site every day throughout the year. The full enrichment programme will be published at the start of the autumn term and all students will be encouraged to sign up to at least one after school enrichment opportunity.