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Our Vision, Values and Aims

Our vision is to ignite a lifelong passion for learning, to discover and develop potential, allowing all to flourish in an ever-changing world.

This is because our values are aspirationendeavour, creativityparticipation and respect.

How we go about this is set out in our curricular aims - what we teach, where, when, why and how.

Valuing aspiration means we:

  • Aim high in all that we do;
  • Prepare to succeed in school and in life;
  • Aim to create memories and futures together.

Valuing endeavour means we:

  • Believe hard work leads to success;
  • Strive to achieve our targets, goals and ambitions;
  • Develop resilience to thrive in an ever-changing word.

Valuing creativity means we:

  • Believe that we are all creative;
  • Love learning and thinking deeply;
  • Acknowledge the importance of education for education’s sake.

Valuing participation means we:

  • Learn from each other to make a positive impact on our school, families and world;
  • Broaden our skills beyond the classroom;
  • Promote community links through charity and voluntary work.

Valuing respect means we:

  • Create a mutually respectful atmosphere;
  • Have respect for ourselves, others and our surroundings;
  • Form positive relationships in an environment that is free from prejudice, bullying and harassment.


Our aim is to ignite a lifelong passion for learning by:

  • establishing a rich, imaginative and relevant curriculum;
  • appreciating the impact we have as educators to enthuse, engage and enable; and
  • creating the right conditions for learning through effective and consistent approaches to behaviour.


Our aim is for our learners to discover and develop their potential through:

  • a carefully constructed curriculum that exposes them to a full range of subjects and experiences;
  • an exposure to powerful subject knowledge and a development of the skills associated with the dialectic (debate, authentic experiences, experimentation, enquiry, analysis, problem-solving) and the rhetoric (communication skills, performance, show-casing); and
  • learning about how they can manage their own behaviour by regulating, reflecting, relating, repairing and repeating.


Our aim is that all our learners will flourish in our ever-changing world because they:

  • have had access to a varied and challenging curriculum that leads to successful outcomes in terms of character and capability;
  • are equipped with the skills, knowledge and curiosity that will encourage them to continue exploring; and
  • have developed positive emotional intelligence attributes that will contribute to successful professional and personal relationships during their life.