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Year 9 Options 2023

Year 9 Options Evening will be taking place on Thursday, 23rd March 2023.

Year 9 Options Process

Year 9 Options Evening

Thursday 23rd March

Preliminary Options Form

Monday 27th March

Year 9 Parents Evening

Thursday 20th April

Choices Form to be completed by

Monday 24th April

Consultation – Pathway Meetings

Thursday 4th May

Decisions Confirmation

Monday 8th May

The 2022/23 Year 9 options booklet below is for information only and the updated booklet for 2023/24 will be available on this page shortly.

Year 8 Options Process

The Year 8 Options Process will run from Monday 24th April - Friday 5th May 2023. Further details will be available soon.


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Year 9 Options Booklet 2023 23rd Mar 2023 Download