MyChildAtSchool (MCAS)

MyChildAtSchool [MCAS] is a portal enabling you to view your child's academic
performance and information in real-time via a web browser www.mychildatschool.com or via a mobile app which can be downloaded onto an Android or Apple mobile device.

This facility allows exclusive access to your child's Attendance, Timetable and Classes at any time.  It also provides useful information about the school such as the Academic Calendar and Announcements. Behaviour, Homework and Reports are also available on MyChildAtSchool.

How do I access the My Child At School (MCAS) System

All accounts are individually password-protected to ensure information is only available to the registered parent/carer of the child.

The school will provide an 'Invitation Code' that can be redeemed at the web address below and will allow you to register with the MCAS site.

MyChildAtSchool MCAS Parent LoginOnce registered you will need the SCHOOL ID 12304 to login.  Please note the invitation code is a one-use code and cannot be used after registration to login.

Your MCAS username is the username you receive on your invitation and not your email address.

If at any time you forget your login details please click on the ‘Forgotten login details’ link and follow the instructions.

Please contact the school office if you haven't received your Username and Invitation code for your child. You will require these for the set-up process.

MCAS provides the following features:

  • Attendance
  • Student Timetables
  • School Calendar
  • School Announcements
  • Assessment and Behavioural Data
  • Published Reports
  • Data Collection
  • Exam Timetables

For more information, please view the documents below:




Page Downloads Date  
MCAS Parent Guide 18th May 2021 Download
MCAS Parent Quick Guide 18th May 2021 Download
MyChildAtSchool FAQs 18th May 2021 Download