Travel & Tourism


Head of Faculty


To gain an insight into the Travel and Tourism industry and develop a passion for learning about other parts of the world.

Disciplinary Concepts

  • Examine, interpret and analyse
  • Investigate features, appeal and importance
  • Attract and engage with customers using research data

Big Questions

  • What is Travel and Tourism?
  • How are other parts of the world different to the UK?
  • What jobs are available in the Travel and Tourism Industry and what do they do?
  • What are the fashion and trends that are affecting the Travel and Tourism Industry?

Curriculum Content

Year 12 BTEC National (2019 Spec) Travel and Tourism

Unit 1 - The World of Travel and Tourism – external exam

Unit 2 – Global Destinations – externally assessed assignment brief


Year 13 BTEC National (2010 Spec) Travel and Tourism

Unit 8 – Long-haul Travel Destinations - coursework

Unit 6 – Preparing for Employment in Travel and Tourism - coursework