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About Our Curriculum

What, where, when, why and how

Curriculum intent

The vision, values and aims underpinning our curriculum are set out in our educational philosophy. This is 'why' we do what we do.

There are many definitions of 'curriculum', including everything that is consciously taught, and that which is consciously not taught, and all schools have to make choices about what is taught to whom, where, when and how.

The 'what' and 'when' of our curriculum is set out in our curriculum map and in our subject areas. Those subject areas also address the 'why' question at subject level.

'Where' is predominantly on site at The John Warner School, however curriculum delivery can take many forms - in classrooms, in assemblies, through remote provision, in practical spaces, and offsite through trips, competitions and sporting fixtures, and a myriad combination of these. See also our sections on cross-curricular themes, the super-curriculum and extra-curricular activities.

Curriculum implementation

The 'how' is set out in our teaching, learning and assessment policy at whole school level, and within subject areas for subject specific adaptations. 

Curriculum impact

Curriculum impact can be measured in many different ways including through performance tables and by Ofsted inspections. Our Ofsted Action Plan details our plans and will include evaluations as our work progresses.