Technology Aptitude Test

20th Oct 2020 - 21st Oct 2020

Results Posted Home – w/c 23rd November 2020

As it will not be feasible to provide the results before 31st October, the test results will be sent home during the w/c 23rd November allowing parent/carer(s) to make a late change of preferences up to 4th December.

The school will follow the systems of control set out in the schools guidance for full opening when testing children for aptitude and those who are displaying coronavirus symptoms will not be permitted to attend the test centre.

For those who are unable to attend on their allocated day and can provide sufficient evidence of the reason they were unable to attend, we will offer a slot on session 3. This will  include those who have symptoms, a positive test result because they are a close contact of someone who has coronavirus or because they (or their family members) have been advised to shield for a temporary period when local transition rates are high, sickness, religious observance, disability or bereavement.

The school will implement the following on the test days:

  • Students should arrive at a designated time and should be dropped off by one parent/carer only or in their school groups.
  • They will be allocated a “ZONE” in the Sports Centre car park which will correspond to their school groups, known as their “bubble”.
  • Hand sanitisers will be placed in various locations in the testing centre.
  • Students will need to bring their own drink and snack for the break period which will need to be in a clear plastic bag. They are also required to bring their own pencil, pencil sharpener and rubber and the option of their own sanitation product. No other equipment will be allowed in the test centre.
  • Students will be sat in their “bubbles” within the test centre. The exception to this will be for those who have requested specific assistance which may involve them having to sit at the front of the venue for extra support, visual or hearing reasons.
  • Desks will be spaced apart in the test centre at the recommended distance.
  • Students will be escorted to the toilet facilities one at a time with an adult whom will ensure that the facilities are clean and that the students follow COVID sanitation rules.
  • Once the testing is complete, students will have a staggered release period in their “bubbles”, back to their drop of zone where a parent/teacher can collect them and escort them back to school for their normal afternoon session.
  • All correspondence between the school and the parent/carer will be via email and clearly displayed on the school’s website prior to the testing.
  • Students sitting the test will not mix with students of The John Warner School.
  • Test results will be emailed home during the w/c 23rd November which will allow for a late change in preferences to the Local Authority by 4th December.
  • The deadline for applications will now be Monday, 12th October 2020.
  • In the event that the Government imposes further lockdown measures on the allocated dates of the test, the test for the intake year 2021/2022 will be cancelled and the 10% of places reserved for this rule will be added to Rule 4 (Distance). This will be for one year only.