Our Student Leadership Team

Here at The John Warner School we have re-introduced our multi year student council, with the goal to reflect the interests, concerns, and ideas of the student body. Our role is to gather student opinions and make a change for the better. By discussing with pupils across the year groups we are able to fully grasp the areas that need change and development in the eyes of the student body, as well as raising any concerns or issues that need to be highlighted to staff and the school.

As a student council, we hope we are able to help improve the student experience in our learning environment, inside and outside of the classroom, alongside further promoting inclusivity, careers & future developments, and general academic life here at The John Warner School. In order to do this we hold monthly meetings, supported by the Senior Leadership Team, in which we choose one or two areas of interest to focus on, allowing us to create a series of plans and mini projects to kickstart the chosen areas road to improvement. In between the monthly meeting, we hold update meetings that allow us to monitor our progress, adapt plans, share ideas, and respond to any urgent issues.

The student council is comprised of three parts:

  • The sixth form head team
  • The middle and lower school head team
  • The student voice.

The sixth form head team consists of the head girl & boy and the two deputy head students. This head team leads the meetings and the projects, with each member taking ownership over a certain topic.

The middle and lower school head team is made up of two to four student representatives from year eight through to year eleven. This group’s role is to support the sixth form head team, alongside being an advocate for their fellow pupils within their year.

The student voice consists of a range of representatives from across the year groups, with their input being crucial to provide insight into current opinions and attitudes from across the wider student community. This is fundamental for the student council to remain relevant and effective for current cohort.

Please contact the student council with any ideas you would like us to discuss via the Contact Us page.