Who We Are

Year 13 Head Students

Lucy Keens
I applied to be head girl here at The John Warner school, not only to give back to the school that has given me so much, but to help drive the school forwards. Through working collaboratively with staff and students, helping establish the sense of community by giving the students a voice and developing key areas that need strengthening. Alongside these main focuses, I’m particularly interested in the area of careers development and future aspirations as I feel it is vital for younger students to be able to discover their passions and what they are inspired by, just like I was able to.

Andy Constantin
My main reason as to why I decided to apply for the position of Head Boy is to represent the school at any public speaking events such as open evenings and showcase the good qualities it has to offer in a professional and straight-to-the-point manner, as well as focusing with my fellow head team on specific issues or improvements to be undertaken at The John Warner School. My main role I will undertake is to get involved with behavioural management by addressing the cause of the problem in a friendly manner with the lower years, in order to be able to work as a team with fellow younger students to better their future overall and allow for a better learning environment for others.

Year 13 Deputy Head Students

Ruby Tucker

Sophie Barr
Hi, my name is Sophie Barr, and I am a deputy Head Girl on the senior leadership team. I allocated myself with the goal to focus more on getting students appropriate revision materials and making them more readily available during the key years of 11 and 13. I decided to apply for a head team position because I wanted to give back to the school which had done so much for me during my academic years at The John Warner School. Our sixth-form leadership team is working hard to achieve all our goals and divisions that we set ourselves when we were appointed 2022-23 team members. We all allocated ourselves individual goals but we still all strive to work as a unit to work on larger goals. 

Hannah Smith
The reason why I joined the Head Team was to bring more inclusivity and more diversity into our school,  I will mainly focus on this [job role: inclusivity and diversity]

Year 11 Head Students

Mia Cran
Diara Zeqiri 

Year 11 Deputy Head Students

Ibukun Falope
Mario-Ovidiu Guran 

Year 11 Student Voice

Demi Falope
Marni Kennedy 
Fenn Vale 

Year 10 Head Students

Lily D’Souza
Aisha Njie 

Year 10 Deputy Head Students

Megan Burton
Aimee Forrester 

Year 10 Student Voice

Anthony Page 
Freddie Tanton-Baker 
Emily Attridge 
Sophie Johnson 
Ruth Pennant 
Favour Ogah 
Chenai Miller

Year 9 Head Student

Dennis Moshegov

Year 8 Head Students

Evie Coss 
Sasa Bunea