Character education

At The John Warner School we firmly believe in the importance of developing character education to support our pupils in discovering their potential and flourishing in an ever-changing world.

Traits of Successful Character Education

  • High self-efficacy, or self-belief – associated with better performance, more persistence and greater interest in work
  • Highly motivated children (linked to tenacity) driven internally and not by extrinsic reward shows greater levels of persistence and achievement
  • Good self-control (or self-regulation, the ability to delay gratification) is associated with greater attainment levels
  • Having good coping skills (part of being able to bounce back) is associated with greater well-being.

Our vision of Character Education is to enable students to flourish in all areas of their lives, by supporting their development into well-rounded young people who are able to contribute and shape society and the wider world, whilst respecting and supporting those who live in it, through the teaching and modelling of good character.

We believe character education is about enabling students to consider right and wrong, to make informed decisions, to exercise empathy and to reflect on their thoughts and actions. Using these skills students will be able to decide how they belong to a community and how they wish to contribute to society as they get older.


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