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We believe in the power of literature and language to provide opportunities for young people to visit worlds beyond their own, and to shed light on the one in which they already live. 

Disciplinary Concepts

  • To read and understand; to assimilate; to interpret
  • To hone skills of empathy
  • To articulate one’s views and perception of the world around us
  • To debate and join existing debates on subjects of significance in our community and the wider world
  • To understand the value of language in cognition
  • To consider anything a writer does on purpose to shape meaning (language/structure/form/characterisation)
  • To consider genre, its conventions and divergence from those conventions
  • To consider how personal, social, historical, cultural, political, economic contexts (and more) shape writing
  • To have a conceptual understanding of English
  • To write for varying purposes, audiences and in different forms for effect
  • To write accurately, with secure spelling, punctuation and grammar, to enable clear communication with the world around us

Big Questions

Who is the reader and what do they know?

What motivates people to write?

Why do writers choose the forms and structures they do?

How do writers comment on their times and places using allegorical characters?

How do writers use and manipulate genre conventions to say something about the world?

What are writers' conscious and unconscious messages in texts?


curriculum content

See the documents at the bottom of this website page.


English on Youtube

We are continually adding to our bank of online resources for students to use.  Subscribe, watch and listen, then annotate away.


Exam information

All useful information is available on this page to make key information readily accessible.  Exam specifications we follow are detailed below. Clicking on the links will enable you to find past papers and mark schemes, which, if practised, are typically a key element to success.

GCSE English Language (AQA)




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