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Physical Education


Head of Faculty

Miss Tara Haddock



We expect John Warner students to participate fully in physical education and sport. We want students to enjoy a full range of physical activities and sports, and we hope students achieve their full potential in physical education and sport. 

Disciplinary Concepts

  • The Faculty works to promote high standards of performance in sports and aesthetic activities.
  • Students undertaking examination courses are encouraged to strive for high academic achievement
  • We aim to provide opportunities for all our students to voluntarily participate in sport outside the compulsory curriculum.
  • We aim to develop a culture in which our students enjoy taking part and gain satisfaction from their achievements. 
  • We encourage students acquire skills and fitness habits for life that are carried with them when they leave.

Big Questions

  • Am I physically competent?
  • Am I physically active?
  • Am I a good decision maker?
  • Do I have a deep understanding of sport?
  • Am I a confident performer/participant?
  • Am I involved and engaged in sport?
  • Do I have a positive attitude to sport?
  • Do I respect the values of sport?
  • Do I have a healthy active lifestyle?

Curriculum Content

Key Stage 3 & 4 Core PE:

Year 7, 8 & 9 students follow a programme of core sports & optional sports

Year 10 & 11 students follow a pathway of sports, with all students having the opportunity to gain a leadership qualification when they finish year 11.

Key Stage 4 GCSE PE:

Topic 1: Applied anatomy and physiology

Topic 2: Movement analysis

Topic 3: Physical training

Topic 4: Use of data

Topic 5: Health, fitness and well-being

Topic 6: Sport psychology

Topic 7: Socio-cultural influences

Practical: Skills during individual and team activities

NEA: Planning, carrying out and evaluating a Personal Exercise Plan

Key Stage 4 OCR National:

Year 1 - R042 – Principles of Training (Coursework)

Year 2 - R041 – Sports Injuries Exam (Exam)

Year 2 – RO46 - Technology in Sport (Coursework)

Year 3 – RO44 – Sports Psychology (Coursework)

Key Stage 5 A Level PE:

Topic 1: Applied anatomy and physiology

Topic 2: Exercise physiology and applied movement analysis

Topic 3: Skill acquisition

Topic 4: Sport psychology

Topic 5: Sport and society

Practical: Skills performed in one physical activity as a player/performer

NEA: Analyse two components of a physical activity, implement, and evaluate a Performance Development Programme.

Key Stage 5 OCR Technical:

Year 1 – Unit 1 (Exam) – Anatomy & Physiology (Sept – Dec – Jan Exam) – Double Unit

Year 1 - Unit 3 – (Exam) – Sports Organisation & Development – Single Unit – Jan – April – May Exam.

Year 1 – Unit 8 – (Coursework) - Organising Sports Events – Single Unit – May – Nov

Moderators Visit 1 - Nov

Year 2 – Unit 2 (Coursework) - Sports Coaching – Double Unit – Sept – May – Single Unit

Year 2 – Unit 17 (Coursework) – Sports Injuries & Rehabilitation Sept - May – Single Unit

Moderators Visit 2 – May/June

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