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We aim to ignite a lifelong passion for art. Art, in all its varied forms, allows students to develop their voice driven by their own enthusiasm to make and create. Within art we want our students to develop a sense of excitement and engagement, to see beyond what they think is a fixed idea and see things from another point of view. We hope students will appreciate the visual word they live in and understand that creativity is a transferable tool.

Drawing is a vital element to all creative processes and is embedded in every scheme of work. It is important students are equipped with a thorough understanding of visual language and understand the many purposes drawings have to offer.

Disciplinary Concepts

Understanding the application of formal elements

Observational recording

Exploration and experimentation

Problem solving

Critical analysis and reflection

How artists and designers reflect and shape our culture

Development of an idea

Resolved outcome


Big Questions

What is art?

How is art relevant in today’s society?

How can other artists influence and inspire our artwork?

Why is creativity so important?

How is art used as a means of expression?

How do we determine what is right and wrong in art?

Curriculum Content

Year 7

Formal elements (observational drawing, understanding the building blocks of art)

Surrealism (creativity, imagination, exploring media and development of ideas, main artist influences Rene Magritte and Salvador Dali)

Eastern vs Western landscapes (understanding the differences between Eastern and Western landscapes and how artists create artwork. Exploring media such as ink and traditional Chinese brushes to create landscapes then progressing onto to look at impressionism through paint and mark making)

Year 8

Paul Klee and colour (observational drawing, colour theory, artist influence Paul Klee, development towards an idea and personal outcome.)

Portraiture – people of colour (developing observational drawing skills, looking as accuracy and proportions of the face. An understanding of how artists impacts our work, being able to comment on the work of Chis Ofili and Derrick Adams. The cultural meaning and identity behind their work and the impact on society.

Natural forms (observational drawing, exploring media, developing confidence using paint, artist influences, development towards an idea and personal outcome.)

Year 9

Pop art and narrative (Understanding how art movements fit into society and how we can make it relevant today. Main artist influences Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, Richard Hamilton and Keith Haring)

Identity Sculpture (Applying the formal elements of art to a 3D sculpture, understanding the importance of planning and developing an idea towards own creative outcome. Main artist influences: Claus Oldenburg)


Portraiture (observational drawing, media experiments, gallery visit, artist influences, critical analysis of an artist and their work, development and personal outcome)

Natural forms (observational drawing, media experiments, artist influences, critical analysis of an artist and their work, development and personal outcome)


Natural forms (observational drawing, media experiments, artist influences, mock exam, development and personal outcome)

Identity (observational drawing, deeper underpinning of self-reflection, media experiments, artist influences, development and personal outcome)


12 week project proposal: Extension of an existing project (independent learning developed)

Edexcel exam unit launched January – Gallery visit


6 - 8 week workshops building skills and techniques: drawing, photography, printing, painting, sculpture

May - own independent coursework theme chosen.


Personal coursework theme

Edexcel exam unit launched February


Key Stage Three Reporting Grade Descriptors 

Grade Descriptor
Below Minimal ability to use the formal elements. Can use media to mark make but shows little control. Lack of understanding of colour theory. With support can explore a minimal amount of ideas, demonstrating a minimal level of skill. Able to identify basic elements of artist’s work. Show little planning towards final piece and outcomes demonstrate limited skill or links to work from lessons.
Working Towards Limited ability to use the formal elements. Show developing control but is unrefined, lacks tonal range and has a basic understanding of primary and secondary colours. With some encouragement can explore a few ideas, based on artists and ideas explored in lessons. Can describe the work of an artist using limited vocabulary. Copies show limited understanding of how the artist has handled the media. Basic planning shows emerging skills and ideas from given sources. Final outcomes demonstrate weak links to class work.
Meeting Has good control over a range of media. Can use tone to show light and dark and shows an understanding of colour theory. Explores a range of ideas demonstrating a good level of creativity and imagination. Is becoming independent to create ideas that are relevant. Can make judgments and use opinions showing a growing understanding of the artist ideas. Uses key art language. Copies show a good understanding of how the artist has used the formal elements. Plans shows some links to artists and shows development from your own ideas. Final outcomes show an adequate control of the formal elements and the media.
Working Above Consistent ability to use the formal elements, demonstrating accuracy and skill. Can use tone effectively to give work depth (3D). Confident use of colour theory. Experiments with a range of ideas that are increasingly challenging and complex. Can see clear connections to own work and the work of others. Can analyses the work of others using a range of art language. Shows an understanding of how artists communicate their ideas, feeling, beliefs and culture. Copies have a secure understanding of how the artist has applied the formal elements. Planning shows a development of ideas from self-reflection with a clear understanding of what makes a good composition. Links to artists is clearly visible and the quality of outcomes is very good.
Exceeding  Exceptional ability to use visual language, using a range of media. Demonstrates a high level of skill and control. Work is refined and accomplished. Explores a broad range of ideas independently. Demonstrating a high level of creativity and imagination. Has started to take creative risks. Able to analyse and interrupt artists work in depth, demonstrating secure cultural and historical understanding. Can consistently identity artist influence, thoughts and deeper meaning behind the work. Can apply artist techniques and processes with skill, control and a creative flair. Planning is strong and well considered with creative flare. Ideas have a strong meaning behind them, linking to artists and themes. Final outcomes show exceptional ability to control the media.


Subject Documents Date  
Year 7 Art overview 29th Jan 2023 Download
Year 8 Art overview 29th Jan 2023 Download
Year 9 Art Core overview 29th Jan 2023 Download
Year 9 Art option overview 29th Jan 2023 Download
2022 23 Curriculum Plan art KS4 29th Jan 2023 Download
2022 23 Curriculum Plan art KS5 06th Feb 2023 Download