Business Studies


Head of Faculty


"To ignite curiosity, discover potential, and flourish as ethical business leaders."

This vision statement encapsulates the idea of igniting students' passion for business and helping them discover their full potential. By fostering an environment of learning and exploration, Business Studies programs can help students grow and flourish as confident, competent, and ethical business leaders who are equipped to drive positive change in the world.

Curriculum Content

Year 9

Year 9 offers students the opportunity to explore the world of business through two practical projects. Students also delve into the world of money and finance, through the LIBF Award in Financial Education. This curriculum has been created to improve students’ financial capabilities but also provides a foundation for some of the areas of Business KS4.

Half term 1: Develop a new product- a practical introduction to Business.

Half term 1-5: LIBF Award in Financial Education- two finance-based units which end in a multiple-choice test.

Half term 6: Enterprise challenge- a creative exploration of Business content taught in Year 10 and 11.



At KS4, the Business department offers two different qualifications. These qualifications allow our students to opt for a qualification in Business that best suits their learning needs.

The GCSE AQA qualification is assessed via two exams at the end of Year 11. The OCR Enterprise and Marketing qualification is assessed using one exam and two pieces of coursework.


Year 10


GCSE AQA Business

Unit 1- Business in the Real World (the purpose and nature of business, business ownership, aims and objectives, stakeholders, business locations, business plans, business expansion).

Unit 2- Influences on Business (Technology, ethical and environmental considerations, economic climate, globalisation, legislation, competitive environment).

Unit 5- Marketing (objectives, market segmentation, marketing mix).


OCR Enterprise and Marketing

R067: Enterprise and Marketing Concepts

R068: Design a Business proposal

R069: Market and pitch a business proposal


Year 11


GCSE AQA Business

Unit 3- Operations Management (production processes, the role of procurement, the concept of quality, good customer services).

Unit 4- Human Resources (organisational structures, recruitment and selection, motivating employees, training).

Unit 6- Finance (sources of finance, cash flow, financial terms and calculation, analysing financial performance of a business).


OCR Enterprise and Marketing

R065- Design a Business Proposal: Coursework (market research, finance- students need this information in order to complete the business proposal).

R066- Market and pitch a business proposal: Coursework (brand identity, plan a pitch, skills needed to perform a good pitch, review strengths and weaknesses of the proposal and pitch).



At KS5, the Business department offers three different qualifications. These qualifications allow our students to succeed in a way which suits their learning needs.

The A-Level EDUQAS qualification is assessed via three exams at the end of Year 13. The BTEC Extended Certificate qualification is a vocational course that is assessed using two exams and two coursework units. The BTEC Diploma offers students the opportunity to gain a larger qualification in Business. The Diploma builds on the content of the BTEC Extended Certificate qualification and is equivalent to two A-levels. The BTEC Diploma is assessed via an exam and three coursework units.


Year 12


EDUQAS A-Level Business

Component 1- Business Opportunities and Functions: (enterprise, business planning, structure, types of markets, location, sources of finance, marketing, finance, human resources, operations management).


BTEC Extended Certificate in Business

Unit 1- Exploring Business: Coursework (features of business, organisational structures, business environment, business markets, innovation and enterprise).

Unit 3- Personal and Business Finance: Exam (functions and role of money, current accounts, managing personal finance, personal finance sector, financial regulation, types of revenue and expenditure, sources of finance, break even, profit and loss accounts, balance sheets, cash flow forecasts, ratios).


BTEC Diploma in Business

Unit 4- Managing an Event: Coursework (role of an event organiser, different types of events, plan, stage and reflect on an event).

Unit 6- Principles of Management: External Assessment (management vs leadership, business culture, management and leadership styles, human resources, motivation, training, performance appraisals, managing change).


Year 13


EDUQAS A-Level Business

Component 2- Business Analysis and Strategy: (data analysis, market analysis, sales forecasting, non-financial/financial performance, aims and objectives, decision-making models, investment appraisal).

Component 3- Business in a Changing World: (change, risk management, PEST analysis, ethical, legal and environmental factors., international trade, globalisation, the European Union).


BTEC Extended Certificate in Business

Unit 2- Developing a Marketing Campaign: External Assessment (the role of marketing, influences on marketing activity, customer profiling, market research, SWOT, PESTLE and Porters 5 Forces).

Unit 14- Investigating Customer Service: Coursework (customer expectations, building customer relationships, legislation, indicators of performance, customer service skills, development plan).


BTEC Diploma in Business

Unit 17- Digital Marketing: Coursework (role of digital marketing, current trends, digital communication, digital marketing strategies, integration of digital marketing in the marketing/promotional mix).

Unit 5- International Business: Coursework (types of business activity, financing an international business, globalisation, trading blocs, barriers to international business, impacts of cultural factors, resource consideration).

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