New Term: New Normal

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Posted on 9th Sep 2020

It was with a mixture of relief, excitement and apprehension that pupils and staff returned to school following the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. While the school has remained busy supporting pupils and families throughout the lockdown, many pupils had not received on-site provision for over five months.

The school has put in place a thorough plan for the return of all pupils, most significantly the introduction of separate Teaching and Break Zones for each year group. We are fortunate that the size of the school allows us to separate each year group into distinct teaching blocks, helping us to create year group ‘bubbles’ which have ensured a purposeful and safe start to the year.

Headteacher, Jeremy Scott commented that “The school has felt eerily quiet over recent months and I am delighted to see pupils and staff return to fill the buildings with the vibrancy and industry we associate with effective learning.”

Year 7 Induction Day

The new Year 7 pupils returned for a busy induction day that had not been possible in the summer term. Key Stage 3 Director of Learning, Angharad Maughan:

“Our Key Stage team, plus many other wonderful human beings, did a fantastic job of making the Year 7 pupil’s first day a great success.

From start to finish, no matter how nervous or apprehensive the pupils were, each and every one of them showed great participation in all planned activities. They were extremely respectful towards members of staff, the school site and each other and adapted well to follow the safety measures that have been put in place for them.

From speaking to a number of individuals, it is clear that this is a year group with high aspirations and an eagerness to learn. I am very much looking forward to getting to know all of these brilliant young people.”

Jessica in Year 7 said that she enjoyed the induction day, “because I felt really welcomed like I was supposed to be there”.  Fenn said that “all the teachers are kind”, while Paige said she “really enjoyed doing lots of different things”.

Year 12 students also had a full induction day where they experienced the new subjects and opportunities that come with being a member of the school’s Sixth Form.

“It’s great to have our school back!”

The school now moves into a stage of ‘the new normal’; striking a balance between safe procedures and the imperative to re-engage pupils in their learning experience.

“I am very confident that the plans we have initiated and continue to adapt provide the opportunity for staff and pupils to reignite their passion for learning in a safe but welcoming environment. It’s great to have our school back!” Jeremy Scott, Headteacher