Exciting Site Changes: Drama Studio

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Posted on 1st Feb 2021

We are delighted to announce some important changes to the school site that we feel will have a big impact on the quality of our facilities and accommodation. We hope these changes will have been completed in time for the whole school's return at the end of our current lockdown.

Drama Studio

The Media Suite is going to be converted into a drama studio to replace our current drama classroom in the English block. We are committed to expanding and improving our arts provision and feel this will give a real boost to performance and expressive arts that have been particularly affected by the current lockdown.

"The past few months have been challenging for Drama teachers everywhere, and students have missed out on the many benefits - and the sheer fun- of practical Drama lessons. This makes the promise of a new Drama Studio even more exciting, and we are looking forward to welcoming students to our wonderful new facilities! Our exam classes are already buzzing with enthusiasm, aware that we are on the brink of a new era of Drama Education at John Warner!" Ms Dean-Arshadi, Subject Leader for Drama